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Prostate surgery primarily involves surgical procedures that treat problems associated with the prostate. The most common problems men experience are prostate enlargement and cancer of the prostate. Symptoms that occur as a result of prostate problems include difficulty passing urine, pain when urinating, blood in the urine and frequent urinary tract infections. Prostate surgery can either involve the removal of part of the prostate (transurethral resection) or removal of the entire prostate (prostatectomy). Prostate surgery is critical in the attempt to cure cancer of the prostate and to significantly reduce symptoms associated prostate enlargement.

Improving abdominal and pelvic muscle control with assistance from a specialist physiotherapistAbove: Improving abdominal and pelvic muscle control with assistance from a specialist physiotherapist

What does physiotherapy with help with after prostate surgery?

Physiotherapy with is recommended after prostate surgery to maximise the success of the surgery, prevent the likelihood of future problems and to help you achieve a full or near to full recovery. provides a personal physiotherapy programme that will get you back doing what it is you love the most whether it is your job, hobby or sport.

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