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At we employ a wide range of specialist physiotherapists with years of experience in diagnosing and treating all manner of conditions. They broadly cover the major disciplines of neurological, paediatric, vestibular and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Although there are multiple specific specialities that fall under these general headings, including hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage, sports rehab and constraint induced movement therapy (CIMT). We also employ other medical professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Podiatrists, enabling you to source all your therapy needs in one place. For a more extensive list of services we offer please look at the following page,

Our therapists are situated in modern, well equipped clinics, allowing them to carry out comprehensive assessments. Some of our clinics are even equipped to carry out detailed biomechanical analysis using videography and specialised treadmills. These facilities and our experienced therapists allow us to accurately diagnose conditions and develop effective personalised treatment plans. For an extensive guide to the conditions we routinely treat please look at the following page,

Whether you have a diagnosis from your doctor or you are unsure exactly what's wrong you can call our booking office on 0330 088 7800. Through a few simple questions we can quickly establish if your injury or illness is something we can treat, or direct you to the appropriate service if not.

We are happy to speak with you and answer general queries, but for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options one of our therapists will need to perform an initial assessment. For more information or to book yourself an assessment please contact us via email at or phone us on 0330 088 7800.

Experienced physiotherapist assessing available movement of the shoulder and scapularAbove: Experienced physiotherapist assessing available movement of the shoulder and scapular

Call us on: 0330 088 7800
Phone: 0330 088 7800
Call us on: 0330 088 7800
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