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What are Botox injections?

Botox (botulinum toxin type A) is a laboratory produced bacteria that is injected into adults and children who have spasticity in their muscles. Spasticity is tightness and stiffness in the muscles caused by a neuromuscular condition. A neuromuscular condition is a disease that affects the nervous system and the delivery of the nerve impulses to the muscles. There is a wide range of neuromuscular conditions that affect children. Some of these include:

Spasticity in the muscles can cause lack of range of movement and make it difficult for your child to wash and keep clean, to walk or to wear a brace. If the spasticity is left untreated, the muscles can adapt to their shortened state and become permanently deformed. Physiotherapy and Botox injections can significantly reduce the risk of permanent deformity by increasing range of movement and functional ability.

At, our specialist neurological physiotherapists are able to provide a high standard of holistic assessment and treatment to children with spasticity based on the latest evidence based research and literature.

Botox can be effective in reducing raised limb tone and spasm, allowing better mobility and controlAbove: Botox can be effective in reducing raised limb tone and spasm, allowing better mobility and control

Effects of Botox injections

Botulinum toxin injections work by blocking the nerve signals to the muscle. The reduction in nerve signals stops the muscle from contracting allowing it to relax and be stretched. By stretching the muscle – either manually or by wearing a splint, the muscle is lengthened and this increases the range of movement.

Physiotherapy and Botox injections

Botox is not appropriate for all children with spasticity. The suitability of your child will be assessed by your consultant and neurological physiotherapist. Botox will help to relax muscles but it is essential that the injections are provided alongside intensive physiotherapy sessions. Depending on your child’s functional problems and goals, physiotherapy treatment alongside Botox injections includes: Your physiotherapist will use a goniometer to assess your child’s range of movement before and after stretches and Botox injections. This will provide an objective record of your child’s improvement and progress. Your physiotherapist will teach you a range of stretches to help your child to carry out in order to make optimal improvement after Botox. Braces and splints can be provided that deliver a stretch overnight while your child is resting.

The muscles will start to relax and your child will feel the effects of the Botox injections within a few days and the effects usually last 3-4 months. After the injections, your child will need intensive physiotherapy in order to gain optimal improvement in muscle length and range of movement. The benefits of Botox injections are:
  • Increased range of movement
  • Relief of pain and discomfort
  • Easier to maintain your child’s hygiene needs – toileting and bathing
  • Easier to fit and apply braces and orthotics
  • Increased functional use of the limb – standing, walking, use of arm
  • Delay the need for tendon lengthening surgery

Botox can help reduce high tone in limbs allowing freer movement.Above: Botox can help reduce high tone in limbs allowing freer movement.

Why for Botox injections

At, we have specialist neurological physiotherapists that are trained in the safe and effective delivery of Botox injections. It is essential that your child receives physiotherapy before and after the injections in order to keep an objective record of range of movement. It may be necessary for your child to wear a cast or splint in order to maintain the desired range of movement and this will be closely monitored by your physiotherapist. Botox is a powerful and effective treatment tool when it is used alongside intensive physiotherapy treatment.
  • Experienced, specialist neurological physiotherapists
  • Professional liaison with medical staff involved in your child’s care
  • Serial casting
  • Hands on, one to one treatment
  • Learn how to help your child to achieve best possible functional outcome
  • No waiting lists
  • Physiotherapy before and after Botox
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Access to hydrotherapy
Botox injections are an evidence based treatment technique that will reduce your child’s spasticity. can provide the injections and the holistic physiotherapy treatment in your child’s home or in one of our clinic locations. To find out more about how Botox injections can improve your child’s range of movement or to book an appointment, please contact us now on 0330 088 7800. You can also book appointments with online

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