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What is a physeal lesion?

A physeal lesion is injury to the growth plate or physis. A growth plate, or epiphyseal plate, is an area of developing tissue near the end of long bones that grows as we go through childhood. Trauma, tumours, infection and other diseases can cause the growth plate to become injured causing pain and swelling.

Physiotherapy for physeal lesions

Our paediatric physiotherapists at are trained to diagnose and recognise physeal lesions that affect children.

Physiotherapy treatment will reduce pain and swelling, promote healing and recovery and get your child back to their normal activities with success as soon as possible.

Lower limb stength and mobility exercises supervised by a specialist physiotherapistAbove: Lower limb stength and mobility exercises supervised by a specialist physiotherapist

Physiotherapy treatment will depend on the extent of your childs injury but may include: The best treatment for a growth plate injury will depend on your childs individual symptoms and needs.

Your childs rehabilitation program at will be suited to them to ensure they return to the activities they enjoy to the best of their ability.

For more information on physiotherapy for physeal lesions or to book an appointment please call 0330 088 7800, or book online today!