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What is Buteyko breathing technique?

Buteyko breathing technique is a simple breathing exercise that is used to correct breathing technique in order to maintain the correct ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide.

Improving lung function and exercise tolerance through exercise supervised by a specilaist physiotherapistAbove: Improving lung function and exercise tolerance through exercise supervised by a specilaist physiotherapist

The Buteyko technique uses shallow breathing through the nose to correct the breathing pattern, this normalises the ratio of gases within the body, which in turn relieves symptoms of respiratory conditions.

The relaxation component also helps reduce the anxiety associated with respiratory distress such as during an asthma attack.

What are the benefits of Buteyko breathing technique?

When taught by an experienced respiratory physiotherapist, the Buteyko technique is a safe and effective technique that provides a number of benefits:
  • Improved exercise tolerance - this is beneficial for all people who undertake the Buteyko technique, however it is particularly beneficial in sportspeople as it allows them to train harder which can result in improved performance
  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced mucus production – this reduces the effect mucus has on the airway – i.e. narrowing, and also reduced need for coughing
  • Coughing is easier – this is because the airways are kept open
  • In people with asthma – reduce frequency and severity of asthma attacks, this reduces reliance on medication
  • Independent technique – once practiced the technique requires no supervision or equipment, this will allow you to become increasingly self-sufficient in managing your condition

Who would benefit from Buteyko breathing technique?

The technique takes time and commitment to practice if the treatment is to prove effective. Your respiratory physiotherapist will develop a personalised programme, aimed at treating your condition. Conditions for which the Buteyko breathing technique may prove effective include dysfunctional breathing patterns as either a cause or symptom, such as: To find out whether the Buteyko breathing technique might be able to help you, please call today on 0330 088 7800, to speak to one of our experienced physiotherapists or to make an appointment. Alternatively, book an appointment online today!

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