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What are paediatric musculoskeletal conditions?

Paediatric musculoskeletal problems are pain or damage to children’s bones, joints and muscles. Musculoskeletal problems are more common in children than people think. They can often have a big effect on children as their bodies are still growing and developing. Musculoskeletal problems can also be very restrictive as children are generally very active.

Musculoskeletal problems can be caused in several different ways. Some children may have a congenital problem which means they are born with a condition. Another factor is often the growth and development of the child which can cause pain as the body changes shape. It is also common for a child to simply injure themselves through activity.

Stretch and strengthening exercises supervised by a specialist paediatric physiotherapistAbove: Stretch and strengthening exercises supervised by a specialist paediatric physiotherapist

What are the types of musculoskeletal conditions in children?

Types of musculoskeletal problems can include:

What are the symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions in children?

Symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions can include: Symptoms can vary greatly depending on the problem and the individual.

Use of taping to stabilise movement and increase awareness of postureAbove: Use of taping to stabilise movement and increase awareness of posture

How can physiotherapy help children with musculoskeletal conditions?

Physiotherapy treatments can reduce pain and decrease the healing time of the problem so that the child can recover and return to normal function as quickly as possible. Due to the varying nature of musculoskeletal problems there are many different treatments, so our specialised physiotherapists will provide the appropriate treatments for each individual.

If the child has a problem that physiotherapy cannot treat, or if the physiotherapist feels the child would benefit from other treatment, then can recommend the best course of action to take.

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