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Vestibular Physiotherapy is a specialised area of therapy focused on treating the systems controlling balance and associated dizziness. Although balance is controlled from a small part of the inner ear and its communication with the brain, it can have a huge and debilitating impact on your life.

Symptoms can include dizziness, nausea, headaches, fatigue and imbalance. We treat conditions such as Vestibular Neuronitis and Labyrinthitis, but often clients will have no specific diagnosis. Assessment would include identifying the triggering factors for the client's symptoms, by using specialised tests. From these results the Physiotherapist can employ treatments designed to alleviate symptoms.

Such treatments could include the Epley manoeuvre, gaze stability eye training, balance training and advice on lifestyle triggers and coping strategies. Treatment goals would include increasing the client's understanding of their condition, reduction or resolution of symptoms, improved balance and improved visual acuity. Vestibular rehabilitation may only require one or two treatment sessions, however for some the rehabilitation process will take months. There is very good evidence to support the use of physiotherapy treatment for vestibular conditions and it is the recommended choice of treatment by most dizziness specialists.

Vetsibular rehabilitation exercises carried out by a specialist physiotherapistAbove: Vetsibular rehabilitation exercises carried out by a specialist physiotherapist

What Vestibular Conditions do we treat?

Physio.co.uk has specialist Vestibular physiotherapists who have experience in treating a wide variety of vestibular conditions. We regularly treat the following:

Alternatively you may not have been given a diagnosis but we happily treat anyone with a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Imbalance
  • Vertigo
  • Headaches
  • Tinnitus
  • Altered vision
  • Hearing Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Room spin
  • Fuzzing feeling in the head
  • Sensitivity to busy situations
  • Panic attack or anxiety
  • Reduction in normal activities due to symptoms

What is involved the first Vestibular Physiotherapy appointment?

The first vestibular physiotherapy appointment at Physio.co.uk involves 4 sections:

  • Subjective assessment- this is where you will be asked lots of questions about your symptoms, how they are effecting you and about your general health.

  • Objective assessment- a number of tests will be carried out that look at your eyes, balance, walking and triggers for your symptoms.

  • Diagnosis- from the subjective and objective assessment a diagnosis should be reached and this will be explained to you. If it was felt further investigation were required this would all be made clear.

  • Treatment- this will be provided on day 1 as it is important to get started with your rehabilitation. A home exercise program is nearly always provided.

The vestibular assessment can provoke symptoms and it is important you are made aware of this but plenty of time is given to run through the assessment so that you are able to manage.

Why choose Physio.co.uk for Vestibular Physiotherapy?

Physio.co.uk has a dedicated service for patients who have symptoms relating to the vestibular system. Additional reasons to choose our service include:

  • Specialist trained physiotherapists
  • Good links with consultants
  • Convenient appointment times
  • A number of convenient locations
  • Excellent facilities
  • No waiting list

For more information on how physiotherapy can help treat vestibular conditions, or to book yourself an appointment, please contact us via email us at office@physio.co.uk or call us on 0330 088 7800.

Call us on: 0330 088 7800
Phone: 0330 088 7800
Call us on: 0330 088 7800
Mobile: 0330 088 7800
Email us on: office@physio.co.uk
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