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What is a flutter?

A flutter is a device used by people with respiratory conditions to help loosen secretions (phlegm) in the chest.

Active cycle of breathing and postural drainage exercises supervised by a specialist therapistAbove: Active cycle of breathing and postural drainage exercises supervised by a specialist therapist

The device, shaped like a pipe is handheld. The user breathes out through the device which causes a small ball at the opposite end of the pipe to vibrate. This vibration:
  1. Creates a resistance that helps splint the airways open
  2. Loosens the secretions from the sides of the airways
The combination of these two effects makes the coughing up of secretions much easier.

Physiotherapy is vital in establishing a technique to benefit your condition. The respiratory physiotherapists at will be able to guide you in developing an effective technique to treat your specific condition.

What are the benefits of the flutter?

Once the technique to use the flutter has been taught and practiced, it can be used independently by the patient at a time and place to suit them, in order to aid removal of secretions. Removal of secretions significantly reduces the risk of developing a chest infection. Other benefits of using the flutter include:
  • Reduced frequency of coughing
  • Flutter is compact and lightweight device that can be stored in a pocket or handbag
  • Reduced need for medication
  • Can be used in combination with other respiratory physiotherapy techniques

Who would benefit from using a flutter?

Any person who is suffering from a respiratory condition that involves the build up of excess phlegm would benefit from using a flutter. Some examples of conditions likely to benefit include: To find out if a flutter may be of help in the management of your respiratory condition, please call today on 0330 088 7800. Alternatively, please book an appointment online today!

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