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Conductive Education (CE) teaches children and adults with neurological conditions and difficulties with motor control how to overcome their movement problems and lead more independent and fulfilled lives. Conductive Education is a process of learning and teaching where the patient actively learns new ways of achieving activities.

The principles of Conductive Education

This approach uses a combination of psychology and education focusing on an individual?s emotions, motivations, awareness, and skills in order to develop physical function.

The key principles of this conductive education include:
  • The patient is responsible for his or her efforts and initiative.
  • It is a self-directed spontaneous approach to problem solving.
  • The therapist acts as a facilitator, providing the optimum environment so the individual can develop their function in society without the use of aids or assistive devices
  • Educational techniques and teaching is necessary to create new abilities and new potentials
  • Treatment sessions take place in groups and is structured and controlled throughout the whole day.
Functional activities are broken down into their component parts and tasks are learnt through the use of repetition and reinforcement. The term ‘rhythmic intension’ is used to describe how individuals are instructed to use their cognition and language to organise, plan and carry out movements.

A hierarchy of tasks exists in that once movements becomes automatic the next task in the sequence can be begun.

Functional fine motor skill exercises supervised by a neurological physiotherapistAbove: Functional fine motor skill exercises supervised by a neurological physiotherapist

Benefits of Conductive Education

The Conductive Education approach allows the patient to realise that they can direct their own learning and solve problems arising from their motor disorders. This type of treatment will help:

How use Conductive Education

The Conductive Education approach is commonly used at in the treatment of individuals with different neurological disorders. Our specialised neurological physiotherapists use this approach in conjunction with other types of treatment to gain the best possible recovery. Treatment will be individualised and will depend on the symptoms of the individual following injury. Physiotherapy treatment using the conductive approach will develop physical function and increase independence with everyday tasks.

Conductive Education treatment is currently used to treat many neurological conditions including: Conductive Education physiotherapy is based around the principle that the individual is at the centre of rehabilitation and actively engages in treatment, to improve motor control in a functional way.

At our neurological physiotherapists are experienced in treating people with neurological conditions. Physiotherapy treatment at will help individuals to reach their maximum potential with everyday tasks. Treatment sessions will incorporate different equipment in order to stimulate new ways of doing things. Many patients enjoy treatment and build close relationships with our physiotherapists. Physiotherapy will improve motor skills as well as organisational ability such as concentration, accuracy and fine motor control.

For more information on conductive education or book an assessment please call today on 0330 088 7800. As well as this, you can also book an appointment online today.

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