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Equipment and adaptations is a collective term for a broad range of products that help people of all ages to carry out everyday tasks that have been affected by traumatic injury, ill health or impairment.

People with varying neurological conditions may struggle with daily tasks such as getting up from a low chair, getting in and out of the bath, personal care and going up and down the stairs. Equipment and adaptations enable people to live more independently in their own homes and improve their quality of life.

An initial consultation with your physiotherapist will involve looking at your muscle strength, range of movement and functional needs to see if you require any adaptive equipment. You will be assessed on a regular basis to see how you are coping with your equipment and to see if it needs to be discontinued or changed at any point during your treatment. For example, you may require a walking frame to mobile for a few weeks until strength, balance and endurance has improved, at which point you may move onto using a quad stick to assist you will your ambulation.

Core stability and proprioceptive awareness exercises supervised by a neurological physiotherapistAbove: Core stability and proprioceptive awareness exercises supervised by a neurological physiotherapist

Equipment and adaptations may include:

Positioning equipment – helps position the upper and lower limbs in lying, sitting and standing to facilitate posture, increase comfort and prevent soft tissue shortening. Positioning equipment may include:
  • Chairs
  • Special splints
  • Cushions
  • Rolls
  • Wedges
Bedroom adaptations – help an individual to manoeuvre around the bed and get in and out of bed. Bedroom adaptations may include:
  • Bed levers, monkey poles and bed ladders to help you in and out of bed.
  • Special beds
Kitchen/Living room equipment - assist an individual during everyday activities around the house such as cooking, cleaning, walking and climbing the stairs. Kitchen/Living room equipment may include:
  • Perching stools
  • Helping hands
  • Adaptations to make cooking easier
  • Sit to stand chair
  • Transfer equipment
  • Stair rails
  • Stair lifts
Bathroom/toilet adaptations - help an individual when getting on and off the toilet and in and out of the bath/shower. Bathroom/toilet adaptations may include:
  • Bath/shower chairs
  • Commodes
  • Toilet raises/frames
  • Grab rails
Outdoor equipment – ensure that a person is safe and effective when getting around outdoors. A physiotherapist can assess your mobility and may suggest the following:
  • Wheelchair
  • Quad sticks
  • Frames
  • Transfer equipment for car
  • Scooters
Mobility equipment – assist a person when mobilising outdoors and indoors. If you are having difficulty walking or managing steps or stairs, a physiotherapist can assess your individual problems and you may benefit from mobility equipment.
  • Walking sticks
  • Quad sticks
  • Gutter frame
  • Rollator frame
  • Zimmer frame
  • 3 wheeled walker
  • 4 wheeled walker
Physiotherapists also work closely with occupational therapists that can provide equipment for your home ranging from large installations like stair lifts, to smaller items such as rails to help you in the bathroom and specialised kitchen utensils.

Alongside advice and support about equipment and adaptations, physiotherapy treatment may also include: Physiotherapy treatment will improve mobility, balance, muscle power and activities of daily living.

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