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At we commonly treat adults with decreased balance secondary to: Physiotherapy treatment will benefit a person with decreased balance by improving posture, facilitating normal movement, increasing sensation and muscle strength. Physiotherapy treatment will improve balance by focusing on:
  • Activities to increase awareness of midline
  • Decreasing risk of falls
  • Increasing confidence mobilising
  • Exercises to improve movement of the pelvis
  • Exercises to strengthen weak muscles in the arms, legs and trunk
  • Weight transference in sitting or standing to ensure that weight is equally distributed
  • Mirror therapy to increase proprioception (awareness of limbs in space)
  • Use of specialist equipment such as Swiss balls, trampetes, wobble boards and parallel bars to activate weak muscles and stimulate normal feedback
  • Breaking down activities such as sit to stand or gait into smaller and simple chunks
  • Cueing and movement strategies
  • Sensory therapy using everyday items
  • Hydrotherapy

Balance training using a wobble board and ball with assistance from a paediatric neuro physiotherapistAbove: Balance training using a wobble board and ball with assistance from a paediatric neuro physiotherapist

Our specialised neurological physiotherapists will initially assess your balance so that a rehabilitation program is developed suited to your needs and lifestyle. Physiotherpay will maximise your ability with functional activities so that you can continue to enjoy the things important to you.

For more information on how physiotherapy will improve balance or to book an appointment please call 0330 088 7800.

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