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An ischial apophysis avulsion

An ischial apophysis avulsion is an injury to the ischial tuberosity (sitting bone) in a place where the hamstring or adductor magnus (groin) attaches to the bone. In an avulsion of the ischial tuberosity, sudden contraction of the hamstrings or adductor magnus anterior pulls off a piece of the sitting bone. This causes pain and swelling and usually occurs in young athletes between 13 and 25 years.

Passive stretches and mobilisations of the hip and pelvisAbove: Passive stretches and mobilisations of the hip and pelvis

What causes an ischial apophysis avulsion?

The cause of an ischial apophysis avulsion is sudden tension or pull on the hamstring muscle or adductor magnus while the person is engaged in a sporting event such as sprinting, long jumping or hurdling.

Diagnosis of an ischial apophysis avulsion

An ischial apophysis avulsion can be made diagnosed following a detailed patient history, physical examination and x-ray.

Mobility rehabilitation exercises supervised by a paediatric physiotherapistAbove: Mobility rehabilitation exercises supervised by a paediatric physiotherapist

What are the symptoms of an ischial apophysis avulsion?

Physiotherapy for an ischial apophysis avulsion

Physiotherapy treatment following an ischial apophysis avulsion will enhance your recovery by reducing pain and swelling and restoring muscle strength and flexibility as soon as possible. Physiotherapy treatment should be commenced as soon as possible following your injury in order for you to make long term improvements.

At, our paediatric physiotherapists are experienced at treating children and young adults with avulsion injuries. Physiotherapy treatment at will facilitate healing and enhance your child's function and mobility so they can get back to the activities they enjoy quicker. Physiotherapy treatment at will:
  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Restore muscles strength and flexibility
  • Restore confidence and independence with movement and sporting activities
  • Get them back to a level they were previously
An initial session with one of our specialised paediatric physiotherapists at will assess your child's range of movement, muscle strength and current symptoms in order to develop a structured rehabilitation program. This will incorporate rehabilitation goals in order that your child's needs are met and that they make significant progress.

Physiotherapy treatment for an ischial apophysis avulsion may involve: If you would like more information on physiotherapy treatment for an avulsion injury or to book an appointment please call 0330 088 7800, or book online today!

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