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What is the maitland concept?

Also known as the maitland technique, the maitland concept uses passive and accessory mobilisations of the spine to treat mechanical pain and stiffness. There are 5 grades of mobilisation in the maitland concept:
  • Grade 1 – Small movements of the spine performed within the spines resistance
  • Grade 2 – Larger movements of the spine but still performed within the spines resistance
  • Grade 3 – Large movements of the spine performed into the spines resistance
  • Grade 4 – A small movement of the spine performed into the spines resistance
  • Grade 5 – A high velocity movement performed into the spines resistance

How does the maitland concept help?

The type of mobilisation used depends on the severity, irritability and nature of the spinal pain. The mobilisations create movement within the joints of the spine which reduces stiffness and makes movement easier. The increased ease of movement also reduces pain.

Who benefits from the maitland concept?

At your physiotherapist will assess your back pain and decide which type of treatment is appropriate. It is generally individuals with mechanical back pain, such as joint pain and stiffness, who benefit from treatment outlined in the maitland concept.

To arrange an assessment with please call 0330 088 7800. You can also arrange appointments with us online today

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