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Podiatrists are degree trained healthcare professionals whose expertise lies in the area of lower limb and foot. Here at Physio.co.uk our podiatrists are based in Central Manchester, Sale and Liverpool. Podiatrists treat all manner of lower limb and foot complaints and focus on the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation through a number of different therapies.

Podiatric treatments can be split into two main categories, biomechanical podiatry and general podiatry. Biomechanical assessments involve looking at the structure and function of the body; including the back, shoulders, pelvis, legs and feet. It can also be referred to as musculoskeletal podiatry, focusing on muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones/joints, examining them individually and in relation to each other with regards to the presenting condition. During a biomechanical assessment it is routine for the podiatrist to look at the patient as a whole seated, lying down, standing, and through movement; walking/running.

General Podiatry

Following the assessment the podiatrist will recommend the best course of management for the issue, this may involve a modification of activity, footwear advice, insole prescription or personal exercise programme comprising of stretching or strengthening exercises to do at home. Common presenting conditions are pain when walking and include:

Biomechanical assessment

General podiatry focuses on the assessment and treatment of skin and nail conditions of the foot, the type of treatment carried out is dependent on the presenting issue. Podiatrists may use manual debridement, this means removal of dead or diseased tissue through the means of sharps or drills. During a general assessment the podiatrist will examine the neurological and vascular status of the foot, and patients often leave the initial session relieved of pain. Podiatrists possess certification in the administration of local anaesthetics therefore can carry out nail surgery and other minor surgery to the foot or toes when indicated. Common general podiatry complaints include:

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