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What is respiratory disease in children?

There are many reasons for respiratory diseases in children. These range from genetic conditions, surgery, infections and viruses. Respiratory, or chest, physiotherapy in children with respiratory disease aims are:
  • Removing any airway obstruction
  • Reducing any resistance in the child’s airway
  • Enhancing the exchange of gas in the child’s lung
  • Reducing the child’s work of breathing
  • Assisting in the removal of secretions

What causes respiratory disease in children?

Our physiotherapists at have experience treating a wide variety of respiratory condition in children such as: There are a number of reasons that children can have problems with their respiratory systems. The conditions we commonly treat are:

Asthma is a common condition in children. Asthma narrows the airways of the lung. This makes it difficult for children to breathe in and out.

Improving exercise tolerance and respiratory function through directed playAbove: Improving exercise tolerance and respiratory function through directed play

Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a genetic condition that causes an increase in mucus production and thickness, this can lead to repeated infection. Respiratory physiotherapy treatment will aim to help your child remove any excessive secretions. This helps to increase their quality of breathing and reducing their susceptibility to infections.

Chest infections
Children are prone to chest infections; sometimes this can develop into Pneumonia. Physiotherapy can help children who suffer from repeated chest infection or those with pneumonia.

Neurological and Development problems
Children with development problems may also have immature lungs. This can lead to quality of breathing, a build up of secretions and repeated infections. Physiotherapy treatment can help children with development problems maintain their quality of breathing and clear their secretions.

Physiotherapy may be recommended in chronic lung disease for children with premature lungs to improve their neurological outcome, maximise recovery and reduce the long term respiratory complications.

Improving respiratory function through pay activities that will raise exercise toleranceAbove: Improving respiratory function through pay activities that will raise exercise tolerance

What are the symptoms of respiratory disease in children?

The symptoms arising from respiratory conditions that our physiotherapists are able to treat include:

Shortness of breath

What should I do if I think my child has a respiratory problem?

If your child is showing symptoms of a respiratory disease you should arrange an immediate appointment with your child’s GP. If you GP or consultant has recommended chest physiotherapy for your child please contact on 0330 088 7800 or book online to arrange an appointment.

Physiotherapy for respiratory disease in children aims to provide the highest quality of physiotherapy care to children with cardio-respiratory disorders, enhancing their quality of life. The physiotherapists at can provide specific programmes that can be regular monitored. Our physiotherapists at have experience working in a variety of respiratory areas such as, such as the intensive care unit, medical and surgical hospital wards, outpatients, and in the community.

During your child’s respiratory assessment your physiotherapist will may assess:

Exercise tolerance will advise you and your child on any specific exercises or activities to help build up strength and offer general advice on sports.

Triggers - Some respiratory condition have ‘triggers’ that cause an exacerbation of your child’s condition. The physiotherapist at will look at identifying the triggers and finding ways to avoid or minimise them.

Peak flow rate - Peak flow rates are useful to predict and prevent an exacerbation of your child’s respiratory condition. Peak flow rates are also used to measure how well controlled your child’s respiratory condition is.

Overall health – Breathing should not be looked at on its own, but instead t should be viewed as part of the ‘big picture’. The physiotherapists at will also seek to address other problems caused in your child’s health due to their breathing problems. This commonly includes; sore muscles from an increased work of breathing, muscle weakness that naturally occurs with many respiratory conditions. Our physiotherapists are able to provide children a holistic service encompassing all their physiotherapy needs. utilise a wide range of ‘hands on’ respiratory physiotherapy treatments, this enables each child to receive the most effective physiotherapy treatment they require. Chest physiotherapy techniques we use include: To arrange a physiotherapy appointment call on 0330 088 7800, or book online

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