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What is a hamstring tendinopathy?

A hamstring tendinopathy is a disease of the hamstring tendon. A tendon attaches muscle to bone and the hamstring has three tendons. The hamstring flexes (bends) the knee and also helps to extend the hip (move the hip backwards). A tendinopathy is inflammation and tissue damage causing pain in the hamstring.

Therapist performing knee assessmentAbove: Therapist performing knee assessment

What causes hamstring tendinopathy?

Hamstring tendinopathy can be caused by:
  • Overuse of the hamstring muscle
  • High loading of the hamstring
  • A hamstring tear that is not treated effectively
  • A hamstring tear that does not heal properly

What are the symptoms of hamstring tendinopathy?

The symptoms of a hamstring tendinopathy include:
  • Pain and tenderness of the hamstring
  • Pain when stretching
  • Pain when flexing (bending) the knee against resistance
  • Hamstring weakness
  • Gradual pain following high loading of the hamstring e.g. sprinting

Physiotherapy for hamstring tendinopathy

Physiotherapy can be very effective in the treatment and management of hamstring tendinopathy. Our physiotherapists at are very experienced in treating hamstring tendinopathy. Treatment may include:
  • Cold / heat therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Massage
  • Stretching exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Guidance on gradual return to sporting activities

Progressive knee strengthening exercises supervised by therapistAbove: Progressive knee strengthening exercises supervised by therapist

Can hamstring tendinopathy cause any long-term effects?

Physiotherapy can generally resolve symptoms and facilitate a return to previous activity. However in some chronic cases the condition can become severe and surgery may be required. Physiotherapy would then be used for rehabilitation and management of the condition.

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