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At we have specialist neurological physiotherapists that are specifically trained to deliver safe and effective botox injections. If you and your physiotherapist feel that botox injections are the right choice of treatment for your muscle tightness then the procedure can be carried out at one of our clinics in a safe and clean environment.

Botox injections do not replace the need for physiotherapy. It is essential that you are seen before and after the injections in order to maximise the effects of the botox. Physiotherapy sessions will include manual stretches, muscle mobilisations, soft tissue massage, strengthening exercises and positioning. It may be necessary for you to wear a resting splint or cast after the injections in order to hold your limb in a position of maximum stretch. Once optimum muscle length and range of movement is achieved, you will begin to practice functional movement patterns using every day activities such as having a drink or walking, depending on the limb affected.

Your physiotherapist will use a range of outcome measures and tests in order to monitor and record your improvement before and after the botox injections. The range of movement at your joints will be measured using a goniometer which is a small device that measures the angle you can bend or straighten your limb. After the botox injection therapy and physiotherapy treatment, the goniometer will be used to re-measure the angle at your joints and you will see that you are able to bend or straighten your limb further and with less pain.

Botox injections are a powerful and effective treatment tool for high muscle tone when it is provided as an adjunct to physiotherapy treatment. Botox and physiotherapy can be provided at any of our clinic locations or at home for your convenience. To book an appointment or discuss our botulinum toxin injection service with one of our specialist physiotherapists, please contact us now on 0330 088 7800. You can also make an appointment with us online today!

For any more information, please visit our other pages relating to Botulinum Toxin Injections:

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